The batleed condolences to Khan’s family are such a contradiction to Obama’s meanderings in the Arab universe. IMHO the condolences were not even necessary, the “martyr’ Khan received exactly what he’s been advocating for those recruited to strap on bomb belts.Another point I must make:At the time the Egyptian rioting broke out full force, Obama publicly excoriated Mubarak and suggested to him, via world-wide news, that he must resign his leadership of Egypt. While we at home may see Obama in reality, in the eyes of most of the world, the voice of the world’s leading nation was talking to Mubarak.With such encouragment to anti-government forces, Mubarak was arrested and thrown into prison to await his fate. However, Mubarak was the one Egyptian leader who was able to keep the lid on Egypt always. There were no rioting Muslims targeting and murdering Egyptian Christians, (Copts) a peaceful minority.This was the product of a U.S. President who had no idea what made Egypt tick.It was the inbflated self-appraisal of his power and status that started Egypt on its present downward spiral. Obama is an expert on promoting downward spirals with everything he touches.As a result, more than 25 Christian Egyptians were murdered yesterday from rioting Muslim mobs. This was instigated by Obama going where he should not have.I’m waiting for at least 25 Egyptian families to receive condolences from Barack Obama, President of the United States.