Cremation Options

Cremation is a very personal choice.  Connley Brothers Funeral Home offers Cremation as an alternative to the traditional in ground or entombment (above ground burial).  The act of cremation is only one phase of caring for your family.  The final disposition of the body is not all that our funeral home offers you.  We provide options and service choices.

Like either burial and entombment, there are many options for cremation.  You may choose:

  • cremation with a public or private viewing only
  • cremation with viewing and/or ceremonies
  • cremation with memorial service and no viewing
  • cremation with full ceremonies, or
  • cremation with no ceremonies.

When people realize these choices are available, the majority select some type of ceremony, viewing, etc.  Ceremonies and viewings are intended to help survivors by providing an opportunity to acknowledge the loss and by offering a sense of closure.

In order to create a funeral service that is as unique as your loved one, we encourage you to help personalize the service with memorabilia, photographs and other personal items.


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