If you choose a traditional burial, an important decision will be the casket selection. The choice of casket is a very individual one and provides another opportunity for you to personalize the arrangements.

Cremation Containers

The cremation process uses intense heat to reduce human remains to their original elements. The body is delivered to the crematory in a casket or cremation container, then is cremated. The cremated remains are placed in a second container, typically an urn, for the final disposition.


After cremation, the remains are placed in an urn for final disposition. Connley Brothers offers a wide variety of cremation urns, providing you the opportunity to choose one which reflects your personal tastes.

Burial Vaults

Most cemeteries today require a burial vault or other outside container, which serves the dual purpose of protecting the casket and preventing the earth from settling above the gravesite.

Burial Markers

Connley Brothers offers markers for ground burials. There are a wide variety available to remember your loved one.

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