Ange Unthank Parsons

From the moment a child is concieved the love that continually grows has no meter on its recognition. The moment a child is introduced to the world that love spreads so quickly that before you know it an entire family , and friends feel like that life is a part of their own . But to parents and grandparents our struggle with the pain and the loss is in no comparison to their own. May you always smell her smell , see her soft smile , remember the sounds of recognition of those who she recognized , and remember that her whole world was filled with the love you each and others paid to her. Children are a gift , life itself is a gift she is a gift . As we all lay her body to rest feel her soul as it fills the room , the town , and eventually the country of all she accomplished in 3 months here on Earth.As we all mourn , let the compassion found in others help hold you strong and hold onto the image of this sweet little beautiful blue eyed angel growing in a paradise of painlessness, bullying , angry , revenge , despair , poverty , drugs , and evil. Navaylah lives in our hearts , but grows in paradise until the day comes when each reunites as their time comes . Her loss will leave a void , but never let that void overtake the love of the life she offered simply by her presence in ours. I lit a candle the day I found out , and though it burns lower , it has not gone out . She lives in our hearts and through her offerings her family chose to pay forward . God embraced an angel in heaven on April 9th 2013 . And she was welcomed from our family preparing our paradise for each of us only when it is our call to “home” Welcome home baby girl , you are greatly missed. ~ Ange