ange Unthank

To all who Loved Uncle Ray on this extremely emotional day ,
Unfortunately distance has prevented me from coming in person to offer my respect and condolences to each and every one of you who is feeling this tremendous loss to our family . I am honored to have the opportunity to express myself to all.
To say that tears should not be shed when such a loved family member has passed away would be senseless. To that same opposite degree saying that some moments of laughter and smiles be not present would be equally senseless. Many many of my young childhood memories are complete with Aunt Pat and Uncle Ray in them . The card parties and the “movie” parties that us kids were rallied to another part of the house for as we tried in vain to peek in on, will always be a part of me. As the years grew on and families do as they do and grow , move away , and distance replaces weekend gatherings , one thing that is never replaced is that definition of family that makes us each who we are . Great memories , some bad memories , and some truly sad ones all compiled together but sorted out in each ones mind as they think of time spent here on this Earth together. Even at this moment I am certain that many if not all of us are numb from acknowledging the loss of Uncle Ray from this earth . But through that numbness there is something that I myself hold dear. Aunt Pat , you will never realize how much Uncle Ray’s labor of love project he began last year and that he gave to each of us, just how much it meant to this family. The time that he took to find them ,let alone research who when and where pictures were taken , and many times being the first time children and grandchildren of his brothers and sisters had ever even seen such photos of their own parents . He may have known it , or maybe he did. But he bridged gaps in our family that had been massive holes for many years . Not the missing pictures ….. but the communication he sparked because of the pictures and memories they evoked . More than one tear was shed when seeing some of them . Just as now they wont seem to stop . But then … when I think of him I myself see the young Uncle Ray that would thwap you upside your head and tell you “ Get on with it !” So Uncle Ray …here we are paying tribute to YOU . We are getting on with it . We are celebrating your life , and honoring you as a person for all you are . As sad as we are at this moment . I know I am joyous for the privilege to be your niece . and to have held a part of your heart while you were here with us . To Aunt Pat , words could never be enough to express my sorrow for you . But please know you are forever in my thoughts . To Raymond , Tony , and Michael and all of your families …. Your father is a remarkable man and was a father figure to MANY in his lifetime . Thank you for sharing him with us and know he is loved always . To his grandchildren and great grandchildren listen carefully to the stories in the years to come , all great men have wondrous tales to be told of . To family and friends you know the man , and the legend . You know he hit the ground running like he did as a young man when he struggled no more here. Peace be with each of you this day forth .
All my love