Angel Vinatieri

Jason was a wonderful friend, artist, roomate and father. He tattooed me for years and my husband in more recent years. We spent many nights talking of religions and parenting while my now husband was deployed to Iraq in 07-08. We met and were instant amigos. My daughter also lost her father…Oct 5,11. Can you get us in contact with Ms. Maya? We would love to send her a card. Her and my daughter should keep in touch. Same loss. Same month. And we were all roomates. Same love. We are here if any of you need anything. We loved Boddhi…he was our family and we lost a great man in our life too. Devyn actually said she lost too much in Oct and she’s having trouble working thru it. We are trying together. I will donate any time to the memorial in CO when you have it…..and effort. Just contact me. My love to all of you. He remains with all of us and I carry his ink with pride and love FOREVER! Angel Vinatieri