Jim Dorman

I met Bill in 1966 when we formed the rock band “The Male Men”. Bill was the drummer, I played rhythm guitar, we had the Bromwell brothers (Paul – lead guitar and Dave – the singer), and I think it was Kelly Keys who played bass guitar. We got together in Bill’s basement and we all really clicked. I seem to remember our first gig was at a birthday party. After that it seemed like we were booked a lot. We played at weddings, parties, mixer dances (Notre Dame and La Salette Academy) post game dances following high school football and basketball games (Dixie, Simon Kenton, Covington Catholic, and several others), and I seem to recall we even played at the Pendleton County prom. For a couple of years we were all pretty close and together all the time, either practicing or playing for some function. Bill was always the rational one who kept the rest of us in line. I had not seen Bill, probably since 1998, as after high school I went away to college and then into the Navy. Then, as fate would have it, I saw him one day in July, 2010 in the doctor’s office waiting room. We only had a couple of minutes to catch up before one of was called back to see the doctor. It was really good to see him that day as we quickly recalled some old memories. I left there thinking I should try to get a reunion of the old “Male Men” together sometime. I guess I waited a little too long. I know you will all miss Bill tremendously. I hope my reflection in this note adds to your knowing that Bill was a great and good man, even in his youth.