John Ross

Bill is my best friend. He is like a father figure to me. I love spending time with him. He is such an unique individual. He introduced me to Leon Redbone, photography, art, and so much more. I baked him a carrot cake, one of his favorites for his birthday every year and put everyone of his candles on the cake. He amazed me and I asked more then one time how he could blow all those candles out with one brief mighty puff. I would sing him happy birthday on his voice mail every 7/13. I will miss celebrating birthdays with him. He loved doing this. I have never met anyone like him. I love his sense of humor and is ability to get away with saying the outrageous at times. I was drawn to him the first moment I met him at church and I am still drawn to him today. Bill I love you and miss you terribly. Donna what a terrible loss. He loved you so and appreciated how well you took care of his mother. I love you, John