Judy Wantz

To one of the best big brothers a sister could have, BOB. You were loving, kind, generous, and a friend to all. I will never forget the trouble you and Dutch were always in – you just couldn’t stay away from the creek. You made sure that I always had money to go hang with the girls, and I hated football season, because of you we had to eat liver once a week. What about when you tried to teach me how to drive a stick shift. Bob owned a Metro and a Corvair – neither one of them would start with a key, we had to push it down Victory Ave to get it started, then you would yell at me when I couldn’t get start the car. Bob, you were the only family member at my wedding. You drove 5 hrs each way just to give me away. That meant a great deal to me. I love you Bob and I will never forget the dusty man in blue jeans, funnel,shirt, boots, and a dirty ball cap – a hard working man. Bob you can rest in peace now. I know you are in a better place.