justin hill,aka (jt-the -barber)

well i want to start off by saying im sorry for the loss of my buddy big B,, actually i was at (ARTS INK) EVERY friday for like almost a year… getting work down i would spend several hours in the shot me and all the guys cutting up, having fun and watching them all do the work that they was born to do and that is (ART,PIERCINGS,TATOOS,AND lets just say having fun doing what they all loved to do ,, i was amazaed at some of the detailed art work he was capable of it was in my words out of this world so to end,, he was working on a ttatoo drawling for me for like lets sat 4 months!! lol … and he was almost ready to finish im going to be proud to tat that design he thought up in mind!!! and dedacaite that tat in honar of him im sorry for your loss !! but im sure he is in heaven trying to talk jesus and all his buddies to get some good art work done!!! much love from ( jt-the-barber)