Kari Mulderink

I was privileged to meet Mrs. Bailey while volunteering with my son at Florence Park Care nursing home. We have been doing so for about 3 years. I didn’t know her very well, but I do know that she loved Jesus very much….and she is so happy to be home with Him in heaven. Many afternoons we would find her curled up in her bed with her large bible by her side. Also when we would visit with her, she would always have an encouraging word for us and speak of her faith. One of my favorite memories of her happened this past Christmas. My husband dressed as Santa and we went around visiting at the nursing home. Mrs. Bailey was sitting in the activities room waiting at the table for a bible study to start. “Santa” said hello to her and she sweetly smiled up at him and said, ” You know you aren’t the reason for the season!” How right she was, and I have no doubt that God continued to use her for His purposes until she went home to be in His presence. I will pray comfort for your family in this time of loss of such a wonderful lady. She will be missed.
Blessings, Kari Mulderink