Kathy Drake

It’s so hard to even begin how my big bro effective my life, but the one moment I remember most is when my son Ryan, suffering from the same ailment as Bill, came all the way to UK Medical Center to visit with him. Ryan was very ill and we were there waiting for a heart transplant. Bill, who also was very ill, also soon in need of a heart transplant, was very weak. We were all in Ryan’s room talking and Dave and I had said that Ryan was not eating anything except he was craving oranges and that we had drove to several places and could not find any. (Out of season, late Jan.) We also searched the hospital cafeteria and even ask the hospital kitchen. No luck. As we were going to get a drink a little later, here comes Bill and Brenda walking down the hall of the hospital. I could tell in Bill’s face he was very tired and in pain…….but in his hand was an orange! I don’t know where he got it…..but there it was. My heart burst with love and affection that this man, once again, who put aside his ailment and pain for someone else. My son loved that man and he did so, so much for Ryan during his last days. Including finding him that orange! Love you bro and I will miss you here on earth but know that you are hanging with the Lord and my son. See you someday but until that time, take care of each other and enjoy some oranges!