Kim Guffey

Uncle Bobby- so much more than an uncle to me. My entire life, I was blessed to have you in it. This evening, we finalized your mass and in the morning, we are going to work on what dad called the “fun stuff”.We are going to do up a memorial that I know you would have loved!
Heard the song, “Celebrate good times, come on. It’s a celebration! Ya Hooo.” Well, I want to honor and celebrate your life but a party just isn’t a party if you aren’t there. I know you will be watching and I am praying I feel your presence. Sometimes, I hear Grams as if she is right next to me, I am scared and I am so sad.
Growing up, I felt extra connected to you. After all, you are my godfather. I took that title very seriously. Had something happened to mom and dad, I’d go to you. And Aunt Barbie. So in a way, you were my safety net. My entire life, I felt protective of you.
I am so going to miss you. The way you light up, telling a story. How you make such a huge deal out of any kindness. I loved watching you open birthday and Christmas gifts.
You ‘get’ me. You always did. Even if I was making crazy plans, you never discouraged me. At Leeann’s age, I thought about becoming a race horse jockey. You didn’t have the heart to tell me at 12 I had already surpassed the size requirements!
You taught me a lot of important things, like how to change lanes on the expressway on the Michigan trip. I was so upset w/dad that i was ready for you to take over! Carrie and I will never forget the famous canoe trip.
So many good times, camping, boating, fishing, eating, the rodeo and circus. I cannot recall it all. I just know how I feel.
I will miss cooking for you. I will miss your cooking-smoked turkey-YUM. And your goetta. You were so fun to watch cook and eat home made meals.The wok, your pizza maker…you and your gadgets.
You were all about family. I loved how you loved my kids. To each of them, you were totally different but they both felt special around you. We all did. You made life for the family sooo much more interesting and fun. You were always up to something.
Bobby Lutz! Thank you for loving and respecting me- even when I was at my worst. Thank you for so many memories. You were the best “back up” dad one could have. I got the best father in the world but had I ever needed to live w/you, I knew it would be a grand adventure! You were a lover of life.
You really shocked me when you left Monday. I didn’t get to give you those peanut butter kisses I hate, or show you pictures of the kids’ costumes. I didn’t really get to say goodbye, so i guess I will just have to see you later. I have no doubt you are hanging out w/family, meeting your heros and exploring God’s heavenly frontier. I am glad but selfish. Wish you could have stayed here longer. I never got to take you ruby mining in NC. We still haven’t found a meteorite.
Since you won’t be getting connected online, you bettter stay connected by heart! We sure are going to miss you. Luckily you have influenced us all so much that you will live on in us. I was and always will be proud to be your eldest niece and god-daught.
I know I am over doing it and you hate mushiness. Couldn’t help myself. We could write a book about you. Friday will be here and we are just not ready to let go. I know, like you always say, ‘it’ll be aaaright’. Love you lots.