Matt Cheek and Family

Mr. Westerman was a great man, leader, coach, example, friend, husband, dad, brother, and grandfather. Everyone and anyone that met him was somehow touched by him. He taught me so much about myself as a religion teacher. Bill will be missed greatly by everyone, but one thing for sure he will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!! I remember seeing him at St. Pat’s just two weeks after my brain tumor surgery and him telling his daughter Kasey at church when I walked by, “he is a gift from God” I will never forget that. Bill always knew exactly what to say and exactly when it needed to be. Your Legacy will continue on FOREVER!!! The Cheek family is always here for you guys. Brenda, Kasey, Angie, and Billy we love you guys and are praying for you during this difficult time of loss. There is no doubt about it, Jesus was waiting for Bill as he entered the Glorious gates of Heaven. God Bless!!