Mike Goetz

Todd was one of the greatest individual’s that I knew. He played a huge role in my life. I remember so many good memories of my time with him on earth. From the canoe trips at Miami whitewater as a kid to my first electrical job in the field at Aristech Acrylics as my foreman. I was his apprentice for 2 straight years and learned so much that those management skill sets are still with me today. I always thought Todd was like the Superman of the electrical industry. He tackled any project. The bigger and harder it was the more motivated he became. One of the last great trips that we had together was the time, me, my wife, Todd, Lisa, and Mike Chessey booked a half day deep sea fishing trip in Punta Cana. Todd landed one of the biggest Mahi-Mahi fish that I have ever seen. Todd, being the great man he was, never boasted and just kept telling everyone that we caught it as a group. My wife remembers those specific words, as it was her first time really getting to meet Todd and how he was a gentlemen. She also remembers loosing her breakfast with Lisa over the side of the boat, as she got sea sick. L.O.L… Never the less, Todd left me with so many more great memories, that I could go on all day and talk about. I know he is in a better place with God and one day we will see him again and talk about the good times… I know he loved Lisa and Jenna so much, because he always talked about them at work. I know he would want Lisa and Jenna to be happy and not suffer heavily over him being gone, as I’m sure he is asking God to be by their side as their angel. I’ll miss him and take care Lisa and Jenna, if you ever need anything, please get in contact with me. I wish you all the best!