Terri Muennich

We’re going WAY back….to when Bill (& Doug) had a band called “The Male Men”. Bill was so cool…he played the drums! And when I’d go over to Aunt Joannie and Uncle Doug’s house, I hoped the band would be rehearsing in the basement. I remember his band was hired for one of my high school’s dances. Bill made sure he said “hello” to his cousin (me!) at the dance, and I felt like a million dollars that night. I know that he is enjoying the best homecoming party ever; with all those that went before him greeting him with open arms. He is pain free and auditioning for drummer in the choir in heaven! I bet they’ll be playing a mean “Let it Be”….:o) To Brenda and family, to my cousins, I send big hugs. Bill will be with you always. Love you! Terri