Tim Soward

This reminds me of my brother who passed in 1984 at the age 36. All of the memories came flooding back when I learned of this horrible tragedy. Without question the worst outcome. One mistake I believe my family made was to never face it, never talk about how each of us felt and how much it hurt. It is still difficult for my mother to face what really happened. At the time, hurt turned to blame and forever tore our family apart. I hope that in the midst of this tragedy you can find comfort in one another…no one is to blame and nothing anyone could have done differently would have changed the outcome. Lean on faith that there is an afterlife and Jody is whole, happy and his blue eyes as bright and clear as ever. I love you all and you will always hold a place in my heart. I live in Athens GA and I will try to make it back up for the services. I am heart-broaken and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Know for sure that there is life after death, and Jody is healthy, whole and happy in his new home. I love you all so much! Tim