Tom & Bonnie Cicilian

……..Other memories include numerous long walks in the sand dunes near Saugatuck, the chain-sawed wood furniture he made for our firepit, socializing (aka drinking) after working the 2nd shift, his baseball hats with crossed out or ripped off corporate logos, his many mechanicaly challenged vehicles, splitting and stacking logs in the woods and learning to appreciate the aroma of a freshly split unit of red oak.
The morning of Feb. 17, 1979 we went to my folks cottage in Traverse City to put up a stone hearth. The coldest temp. ever up here was recorded that morning at -37 F and Bob wondered if the wall would survive–it did and I enjoy seeing it everyday now along with other items he crafted.
I regret not making his Life Celebration Wed. eve but his spirit, sincerity, insights, kindness, morality and humor will always be with me.
PEACE to you my brother!
May our Loving and Forgiving Lord be forever with You!
Tom & Bonnie Cicilian
4608 Avery Dr.
Traverse City, MI 49696