Wholeheartedly, on the sfcaure, I agree that this apology is an abominable act against mankind.However, do we know if Samir Khan’s family was supportive of his terrorist ways? As a parent of 5 children in their 20′s, if I had a child who was wayward and promoting the kind of lifestyle of Samir Khan; I would be visibly shaken, upset and disturbed. Yet I would be mourning his physical death at this time, as I would have mourned the death of soul when he was recruited to terrorism. Heaven forbid.As a parent, I would still have a deep love for my child, and my longing for his/her return to a normal and accepting life would be a symbol of that love. Therefore, I would be in mourning for his passing…regardless of how despicable he may have become.If Samir Khan’s parents were mourning the loss of their son, and they are truly patriotic Americans who want to fight terrorism like the rest of us, it may be understandable for an acknowledgment.Of course, an apology would be not acceptable.If the parents were responsible for fueling this young man’s rage, then no acknowledgment or apology is warranted.So, does anyone in this blogosphere know personally what Samir Khan’s family/parents really believe, or think about their son?