Bill Westerman

October 10, 1949 - April 30, 2012

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Bill Westerman, age 62 of Independence, KY passed away on Mon., Apr. 30, 2012 at St. Elizabeth Health Care in Edgewood, KY. He was a Religion Teacher at Holy Cross High School, Inducted into Northern Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame for Coaching, Accomplished Musician & Drummer, Founder of Independence Soccer Club, Worked 20 years as an Insurance Agent and a member of St. Patrick Church in Taylor Mill, KY. Bill is survived by his Wife: Brenda Westerman, Daughters: Kasey (Micah) Gray of Ft. Wright, KY & Angie (Jason) Isaacs of Independence, KY, Son: Billy (Courtney) Westerman of Independence, KY, Sisters: Kathy (David) Drake of Independence, KY, Shelly (Dale) Smith of Independence, KY & Toni McDonald of Independence, KY, Brother: Doug Westerman of Alexandria, KY and 5 Grandchildren. The Visitation will be on Thurs., May 3, 2012 at Holy Cross Church 3612 Church Street Latonia, KY 41015 from 3 PM until Prayers at 6 PM. Mass of Christian Burial on Fri., May 4, 2012 at the church at 9 AM. Interment in St. John Cemetery in Ft. Mitchell, KY. Memorials to: Holy Cross High School 3617 Church Street Latonia, KY 41015. Connley Brothers Funeral Home in Latonia, KY is serving the family. Online Condolences may be made at:


Monica Miller - Jun 2, 2012

Brenda, Kasey, Angie, and Billie:
It has been over a month since Bill passed, and I still get choked up when I think adout his absence. Coach Westerman was the first true mentor to enter my formative years at NDA. Not only was he an excellent coach, but he was a true friend and inspiration to me from 1985 to the present day. I fondly remember him calling the combination of myself and point guard Jenny Bessler “Instant Offense”. I went on to play basketball at the collegiate level, but never again experienced a a coach/role model as influential as Bill. I still remember the last time I met with him at Frisch’s in Covington. He praised me for my accomplishment of becoming a doctor and shared with me all that he had recently endured s a patient. I gained a newfound respect and admiration for him and all that he had acheived. I will so miss the man who guided me through layups and life. He was a true gift from God, and I regret not telling him how much he meant to me. I hope that he can gaze down from heaven to read this simple E mail and realize how truly special he was. I will never forget “Mr Bill”.

Linda Dupps (Nielsen) - May 8, 2012

Brenda, so sorry to hear about your loss my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

Kathy Drake - May 7, 2012

It’s so hard to even begin how my big bro effective my life, but the one moment I remember most is when my son Ryan, suffering from the same ailment as Bill, came all the way to UK Medical Center to visit with him. Ryan was very ill and we were there waiting for a heart transplant. Bill, who also was very ill, also soon in need of a heart transplant, was very weak. We were all in Ryan’s room talking and Dave and I had said that Ryan was not eating anything except he was craving oranges and that we had drove to several places and could not find any. (Out of season, late Jan.) We also searched the hospital cafeteria and even ask the hospital kitchen. No luck. As we were going to get a drink a little later, here comes Bill and Brenda walking down the hall of the hospital. I could tell in Bill’s face he was very tired and in pain…….but in his hand was an orange! I don’t know where he got it…..but there it was. My heart burst with love and affection that this man, once again, who put aside his ailment and pain for someone else. My son loved that man and he did so, so much for Ryan during his last days. Including finding him that orange! Love you bro and I will miss you here on earth but know that you are hanging with the Lord and my son. See you someday but until that time, take care of each other and enjoy some oranges!

Kathy Neidenbach LeFevre - May 5, 2012

Dear Brenda,
You are in my thoughts and prayers as you grieve over the loss of your best friend and husband! I did not know him although the messages from your friends give me a glimpse of what a wonderful man he has been to family, friends, and community! May you find peace and comfort as you draw close to your loved ones!
Your NCH Buddy,
Kathy Neidenbach LeFevre

Matt Cheek and Family - May 5, 2012

Mr. Westerman was a great man, leader, coach, example, friend, husband, dad, brother, and grandfather. Everyone and anyone that met him was somehow touched by him. He taught me so much about myself as a religion teacher. Bill will be missed greatly by everyone, but one thing for sure he will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!! I remember seeing him at St. Pat’s just two weeks after my brain tumor surgery and him telling his daughter Kasey at church when I walked by, “he is a gift from God” I will never forget that. Bill always knew exactly what to say and exactly when it needed to be. Your Legacy will continue on FOREVER!!! The Cheek family is always here for you guys. Brenda, Kasey, Angie, and Billy we love you guys and are praying for you during this difficult time of loss. There is no doubt about it, Jesus was waiting for Bill as he entered the Glorious gates of Heaven. God Bless!!

Kellie Kute Jensen - May 4, 2012

Hi, I was so sorry to hear about Coach Westerman. He really was such and excellent example for us on and off the court. Thinking of you all at this time. I am so glad to have known him!

Laura Kute Lubert - May 4, 2012

So sorry to hear this news. Have many great memories of Notre Dame and AAU basketball with Mr. Westerman. He was a great coach, a great father, and a great man. My thoughts and prayer are with your whole family.

Donna Arlinghaus - May 4, 2012

Billy, Brenda, and family,
I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers will continue for you all. I am sorry also that I will not be able to be at the service today. But, I am with you in spirit. The world is a better place because of Bill Westerman.
Donna Arlinghaus

kim lutz guffey - May 3, 2012

I so looked up to Bill. When I was 14, I was the referee of his daughters’ game. It was a tournament and they were in overtime. I will never forget this game….
With a few moments left in OT and no score, I called a foul which occurred in his goalie box. The other team scored on the penalty kick. The game was over 30 seconds later and they lost. Bill and the parents were furious with me for the call.
Everyone was screamimg at me and Mr. Westerman walked onto the field and gave me an earful. No way was I going to card him. So I ran off and cried by a pond.
Did I also mention that I was the basketball manager at Notre Dame? Yep, Mr. Westerman was the coach. I remember trying to avoid him like the plague!
At the winter sports banquet, Coach Westerman was finishing up his team awards. The gym was packed. He was talking about some dedicated player going above the call of duty and singing her praises. Imagine my utter shock when I realized he was talking about me, his lowly team manager who didn’t make the team. He then told the story of THE GAME from his daughters’ soccer tourney. He went on and publically apologized for hollaring at me. In that moment, I felt redeemed, humbled, respected and honored. Never in a million years did I think he liked me still after THE GAME. 30 years later, I still think about that night.
He was passionate about everything he did. Up until that night, I wondered if I made the right call and worried. But in one moment, it didn’t matter. He was important in the world of youth sports in NKY, but what made him even bigger was that he wasn’t afraid to admit he went overboard. Most of the people in attendance had no idea what had transpired on the soccer field. He could have just as easily talked to me in private. But he didn’t. I will always remember that night til the day I meet him again! What a lesson. He taught not only me, but everyone in the gymnasium. We are human, we make mistakes and it’s okay. Maybe I made the wrong call and maybe he went a lil crazy after… It’s okay! We make mistakes and we get better. We don’t quit. We give our best effort and learn from our mistakes. We love eachother. That apology was the most loving thing anyone outside of family had ever done for me at 14.
Today, at 43, I am still making mistakes and sometimes have issues w/people. I do not sever the relationships that are sometimes difficult. I know how to say “I am sorry and I was wrong in how I handled the situation, but you are more important to me than being angry.”
Bill impacted so many of us, even my children, in his work at St. Pat’s. He set a wonderful example to us all. When his illness made him suffer, he was still faithful and lived with purpose. His lived his faith. He may not be physically present but I promise you that the lessons he taught will live on in all the young people he had mentored and loved. He is free from a body that could no longer support him. I bet he is playing a pick up game of hoops with Jesus and making music w/the angels.
Thanks Coach!

Kathy & Joe Bach - May 3, 2012

We first met Bill exactly 32 years ago today (May 3rd) when he and his band played at our wedding reception. We were at many functions in that time period when his band was playing. We then had the pleasure many years later of re-acquainting when he coached Tara and Adam in basketball. May God bless each of you with wonderful memories and the peace of knowing he his in God’s care.
Joe and Kathy Bach

Jim Dorman - May 3, 2012

I met Bill in 1966 when we formed the rock band “The Male Men”. Bill was the drummer, I played rhythm guitar, we had the Bromwell brothers (Paul – lead guitar and Dave – the singer), and I think it was Kelly Keys who played bass guitar. We got together in Bill’s basement and we all really clicked. I seem to remember our first gig was at a birthday party. After that it seemed like we were booked a lot. We played at weddings, parties, mixer dances (Notre Dame and La Salette Academy) post game dances following high school football and basketball games (Dixie, Simon Kenton, Covington Catholic, and several others), and I seem to recall we even played at the Pendleton County prom. For a couple of years we were all pretty close and together all the time, either practicing or playing for some function. Bill was always the rational one who kept the rest of us in line. I had not seen Bill, probably since 1998, as after high school I went away to college and then into the Navy. Then, as fate would have it, I saw him one day in July, 2010 in the doctor’s office waiting room. We only had a couple of minutes to catch up before one of was called back to see the doctor. It was really good to see him that day as we quickly recalled some old memories. I left there thinking I should try to get a reunion of the old “Male Men” together sometime. I guess I waited a little too long. I know you will all miss Bill tremendously. I hope my reflection in this note adds to your knowing that Bill was a great and good man, even in his youth.

mike kaelin - May 3, 2012

brenda, kasey ,angie and billy,
i am sorry for your loss and my prayers and thoughts are with you. he will be missed.

Ken Shields - May 3, 2012

Dear Kasey and Family,
Please accept my condolences on the loss of your dad/husband. He certainly exemplified sterling character while overcoming his physical limitations. Bill was a very Christ-like human being in every facet of his life.
Ken Shields

Ben Sketch - May 3, 2012

Billy and family. My prayers go out to you during this tough time. Your dad was a great inspiration to me and I will always remember the lessons he taught me. I will always remember all the basketball games and all the time he yelled at me for not getting back on defense after a missed shot. I will miss him a lot, he was a great coach and an even better man. He will be missed! God bless you all.

Kathy Lambert Ponder - May 3, 2012

Kathy, Doug, Shelly, Toni, and all the Westerman family, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I really didn’t get to know Bill as an adult but he was a great neighbor growing up. I know he will be missed.

Mike McGreevy - May 2, 2012

We extend our sympathy to Angie and all of your family. We have fond memories of your Dad coaching basketball at NDA back in the 90’s. God Bless.

Candy Gatman - May 2, 2012

Brenda, Kasey, Angie, & Billy…I love you guys so much and have been thinking of you non-stop. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I am here for you day or night…it doesn’t matter when, you call if you need me. The world lost a GREAT man and I am so lucky to have known him. He will be so terribly missed. Hugs and kisses too all of you.

Sheila (Rogers) Carpenter-Moore - May 2, 2012

A truly wonderful man who will be greatly missed, also my first (age 4) and most favorite soccer coach ever! And the creator of my one and only nickname (which lasted through my college soccer years)…ANIMAL! Thanks Coach Bill, for leaving your footprints in my life.

Diane mando - May 1, 2012

Brenda,and family, We are so sorry to hear about Bill’s death. He touched so many peoples lives my children among them. He will always hold a special place in their hearts. We are thinking about you all, and will keep you in our prayers.
Tom ,Diane,Sean, Stacey, and Joey Mando

crystal reid williams - May 1, 2012

It has been so many years but I vividly remember staying the night with Angie on school nights and Bill being the greatest Dad in the world! He was so caring, witty, and frankly I thought he was funny. He would lecture us and me and Angie would just crack up laughing even though everything he said was the truth! I loved that man! I will be praying for all of you to get through this tough time. God sure did inherit and very special Angel!

Terri Muennich - May 1, 2012

We’re going WAY back….to when Bill (& Doug) had a band called “The Male Men”. Bill was so cool…he played the drums! And when I’d go over to Aunt Joannie and Uncle Doug’s house, I hoped the band would be rehearsing in the basement. I remember his band was hired for one of my high school’s dances. Bill made sure he said “hello” to his cousin (me!) at the dance, and I felt like a million dollars that night. I know that he is enjoying the best homecoming party ever; with all those that went before him greeting him with open arms. He is pain free and auditioning for drummer in the choir in heaven! I bet they’ll be playing a mean “Let it Be”….:o) To Brenda and family, to my cousins, I send big hugs. Bill will be with you always. Love you! Terri

Doug Westerman - May 1, 2012

You were always there. What you have left me is the guidance that will forever be the cornerstone of my very existence. I will proceed in my life hoping only to be half the man you were.
I love you then, I love you now and I will love you forever.

Lori Cornwell - May 1, 2012

Dear Angie and family:
Prayers and thoughts with you at this difficult time. A tragic loss of a husband, parent, brother and grandfather is so hard to take. Please take some comfort knowing that he was loved and adored by so many and the lives he must have touched as evidence in his obituary. Thinking of all of you.

Brian Woeste - May 1, 2012

Dear Westermans, please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Bill was a great man with a legacy that anyone would be proud of. He may be with God now but his life touched so many while he was here with us on earth. God bless you all!

Bill Clary - May 1, 2012

Dearest Brenda, Kasey, Angie, Billy, Micah, Jason, Courtney &

I am deeply saddened by Bill’s death. He was a great person. I
will always remember the days, practices, and games we were able to share. I am very fortunate to have known such a great man and family. Thank you for letting me be apart of Bill’s legacy. I miss him so much.
I love you all,

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